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Carrying a tray with two Gold Diggers, two shots of Hennessey and another bottle of Budweiser, Felice joined Misty and Monroe inside the private booth.

"Is it cool?" Misty asked Felice.

"Yeah, I asked for an early break," Felice responded, setting down the tray and then closing the privacy screen.

"That's whassup." Misty gave Felice a wink.

Out of the loop, Monroe looked inquiringly at both of their faces. "Y'all gon' school a brother or what?"

The two young women giggled conspiratorially. "So, how are we gonna work this? I only have twenty minutes," Felice said.

"That's plenty of time, if the youngin' can perform." Misty smiled at Monroe.

"What? Y'all 'bout to get into something right here in the club?"

"Nervous?" Misty challenged.

"Nah, I'm cool."

"Come join us." Misty scooted close to the wall. Felice squeezed inside the booth, sandwiching Monroe between herself and Misty. She turned toward Monroe and pressed her firm, high-set breasts into his arm. "Hey, handsome. You feeling that Henny yet?"

"Nah, I'm feelin' you," Monroe offered, words slurred, eyes flitting lustfully from Misty's face to Felice's big tits. He gazed at the private screen, which he could see through. "What's that jawn made out of?"

"Don't get me to lying," Felice replied. "All I know is we can see out, but can't nobody see in." She smiled. Her full lips separated, showing off dark gums and pretty white teeth.

Misty nudged Monroe's shoulder. "It's playtime; let's have some fun."

"What y'all tryna get into?" he wanted to know.

Felice glanced at her watch. "A quickie ménage."

"A quickie what?"

"Nigga, you wasting time," Misty blurted. "We're gonna let you do both of us. You have twenty minutes to make us both cum."

Felice checked her watch. "We only have sixteen minutes left."

Monroe's dick throbbed excitedly and dribbled a few drops of desire. Getting into a threesome with two banging chicks was like a dream come true. He started to give a few suggestions on how to get the party started, but common sense told him to keep his mouth shut and let the women take charge. He had killed half a bottle of Hennessey, and was struggling with coordination and coherent speech. Misty and the big-titty waitress might change their minds about playtime, if they knew the hard liquor had him twisted.

Allowing his hands to do the talking, he clumsily groped Felice's boobs. Grabbing two handfuls, he squeezed greedily.

"Slow your frisky self down," Felice admonished, smacking Monroe's hands. Misty gave Monroe an evil stare.

Monroe laughed. "My bad. I couldn't help myself." Wearing a boyish smile, he held up both hands in mock surrender.

Felice unbuttoned the tight-fitting top, revealing a white lace bra that contrasted nicely with her sepia-colored skin. She unfastened the front hook, releasing a set of voluptuous breasts. Monroe's eyes bulged in appreciation.

Monroe was twisted; Misty could tell. She quickly went to work before his drunken ass ruined her opportunity to exact revenge on Dane. She extracted a tube of lubricant from inside her purse and then placed her lips close to Monroe's ear. "Suck on Felice's titties and take your dick out for me."

He tried to maintain an impassive expression, but Misty's heated whisper put a crooked smile on his face. Seated between the two sexy women, Monroe didn't know where to start. He turned his head toward Felice. Her bared breasts bounced freely as she shook them against his face. A trembling hand frantically worked on unzipping his pants, while his other hand clumsily palmed a handful of big, cocoa-colored titty.

The lewdness of such brazen, public debauchery aroused Monroe; his erection pulsed inside his pants. Greedily, he took in one of her dark-pearled nipples, captured it with hungry urgency, pulling and stretching the pliable flesh with his teeth.

Finally, his zipper was down, but drawn to Felice's succulent breasts, he returned his concentration to titty sucking and left his engorged dick inside his pants.

Misty displayed the tube of warming lubricant. "Do you want me to jerk you off?"

Monroe, trying to swallow Felice's ripened bosom, refused to be distracted.

Misty popped Monroe upside the head. "I guess you don't need my help, hungry mufucka. Whassup, you wanna grub on the bitch's pussy?"

Monroe made growling sounds that indicated giving Felice oral sex in a public place was a huge turn on.

"I guess it's snack time," Misty said, petulantly, pulling Monroe by his collar. "So get between her legs and get yourself a Happy Meal, youngin'."

Uninhibited by alcohol, Monroe scooted down to his knees. His head quickly disappeared beneath Felice's red skirt. Stirred by the sensual fragrance that emanated from between her legs, a soft groan came from the back of his throat. Passionately, he pulled her panties to the side and began licking, tasting the sting of her tart womanly flavor. Desiring more, he used his thumbs to pry apart her plump, inner lips. "Ooo, shit. You got some big, juicy lips," he murmured. He plunged in his tongue, twisting it, burrowing deeply. He sucked her vagina, sipping softly at first-delicately. Then he slurped loudly, groaning as he lapped, using broad, wet strokes; his widened tongue coated with sugary cream.

Slumped in the booth, her legs splayed, Felice writhed and moaned helplessly as Monroe sipped her thick nectar.

Certain that her loud moans would get them all ejected, Misty slid over and silenced Felice with lips, enticing the waitress to feed from the sweetness of her mouth. Having done prison time, Misty was well-schooled in girl-sex. She pressed Felice's large breasts together, and then lowered her head, helping herself to the taste of double mounds of chocolate.

Felice gave a surprised gasp. Overwhelmed, she clenched her eyes tight and drew in her lips, struggling to contain a scream of passion. Misty's lips abandoned the swollen, sensitized flesh and quickly covered Felice's mouth with a firm hand, cutting off the waitress's ardent sounds. "Be quiet," Misty hissed. "You're drawing too much attention to us."

Felice bobbed her head in understanding. Misty removed her hand and returned her lips to Felice's nipple and tentatively flicked her tongue against the ripened swell. Felice, struggling to maintain control, silenced herself by covering her mouth with her own hand as she arched up her chest, presenting her sensitive peaks to Misty's hot lips.

Misty drew in the nipple and lashed it with her tongue. Felice's chest heaved and her lower body squirmed and twisted in wanton response to the dual stimulation she was trying to quietly endure.

Her body jerked, her fists clenched and unclenched as a spasm of unbridled pleasure surged through her.

Misty patted Monroe's head. "That's enough."

Monroe looked up, his expression a mixture of puzzlement and passion.

Felice's lids popped open, her lashes fluttered, her dark eyes gleamed with lust and desperation.

"She's losing it; you gon' have to stick this bitch. Pull your pants down, boo."

"In here?" Monroe sounded terrified.

"Can't nobody see us." She patted the cushiony booth. "Hurry up, before her manger comes looking for her."

Monroe reluctantly lowered his pants down to his thighs and took a seat on the soft leather. Despite his wariness, his penis soared upward. Erect, throbbing with desire.

Without prompting, Felice peeled off her panties, pushed up her skirt and raised a leg, prepared to straddle him.

"Hold up, bitch. You can't ride my boo until he gets his jawn covered up." Misty produced a condom, but before unwrapping it, she clutched Monroe's aching member.

Wishing Dane could witness her powers of seduction, she gave a regretful sigh and then worked her lubricated palm up and down his turgid shaft. She gave his erection a hard squeeze, as if testing its ability to remain firm under pressure. She unfurled the condom and slathered it with the warming lubricant.

Gripping Monroe's penis, Misty moved over. "Aiight, bitch. Climb up on this."

Caught up in the frenzy of the moment, Felice found herself experiencing a perverse pleasure in being treated harshly and being repeatedly referred to as bitch by a bossy woman.

Monroe pumped dick into Felice. "We ain't got a lot of time, yo," Misty reminded. Extraditing matters, she applied soft smacks to the waitress's shapely, chocolate ass.

The sudden stinging sensation being dispensed by a tiny, feminine hand sent the waitress into body tremors; her hips rolled rhythmically. "Oh, yes! Spank my ass. Harder!"

Incredulous, Monroe's eyes widened. "Damn, boo, you whippin' that ass?"

Misty responded with another loud slap across Felice's round buttocks, sending the waitress into an uproar of heavy breathing and frantic pelvic thrusts. Monroe gripped Felice's shoulders and rammed his dick in deeply.

While Felice rolled her hips, guzzling up as much dick as she could take in, Misty stealthily slid her hand beneath her red skirt and encircled the base of Monroe's shaft, squeezing lightly. Monroe twitched at her touch. He groaned, but managed to keep the volume to a minimum. Misty then caressed the petals that enveloped Monroe's long stem. Felice's labia were fat and juicy. Misty alternated pulling the swollen lips. Felice gave a cry of pleasure when Misty rubbed her knuckle against her clit. Jolted with electrical thrills, Felice rocked awkwardly, struggling to connect her taut, sensitive flesh with Misty's knuckle while trying to maintain a rhythmic ride on Monroe's dick.

With her well-lubricated free hand, Misty cupped Monroe's scrotum, fondled his testicles. He jerked as if electrocuted. "Say my name!" Misty demanded.

"Misty," he murmured as his plunging hotness penetrated deeply. Bucking wildly, Felice met Monroe's heated trust as Monroe exploded, still murmuring Misty's name.

With Monroe's softening dick still inside her pussy, Felice squirmed, trying to get satisfaction. Misty stroked Felice's swelling clitoris. "Say my name, bitch!" "Misty," Felice whispered, barely audible. "What?" Misty rubbed her extended clit. "Misty!" Felice shouted, her body going rigid before an onslaught of rippling, orgasmic pleasure. Fuck with me, mufuckas! Misty collected herself. Straightening out her clothes, she rushed away from the tawdry scene, leaving the privacy screen wide open, exposing Felice and Monroe, their clinging bodies, shuddering, half-naked and exposed.

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