Available October 6, 2015!
Taming Madam M Cover
The adventures that Madam Midnight began in Scandalicious continue as the secret dominatrix satisfies the erotic desires of her community…and herself.

To the public, Quintouria Stevens is viewed as a socialite and successful businesswoman, but behind closed doors, she assumes the identity of Madam Midnight, a dominatrix and founding member of a secret society that caters to its members’ darkest desires. Madam M’s unlikely marriage to her butler has not enhanced the poor man’s social standing as he’d hoped. He is still relegated to maintaining the household affairs, managing the staff, and overseeing the rotation of his wife’s numerous lovers. For Madam M and her butler, life is an endless stream of decadent parties where hedonism and debauchery abound.

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The Secrets of Silk Cover
Secrets abound in this scintillating, drama-fuelled novel about a love triangle between a multi-millionaire baseball star, his wife, and the groupie who’s trying to ruin their marriage—if a long-held secret doesn’t destroy it first.

Cheryl Blanton is married to a superstar baseball player who has won three Gold Gloves and recently signed a $120 million, five-year contract with the New York Yankees. He’s wealthy and handsome, and all the groupies are after him, but Cheryl is gorgeous and her sex game has her man on lock. There’s just one little secret she’s been keeping from him: her husband doesn’t realize that she’s nine years his senior. And so far Cheryl’s had no problem hiding her age—her husband only has eyes for her. That is, until twenty-one-year-old Sexy Sanchez comes on the scene.

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The Secrets of Silk Cover
Affairs, deceit, scheming, murder, and sex—it’s all here in this spicy, suspenseful read that will have fans of bestselling author Allison Hobbs both fascinated and disturbed by one hot murderess.

Fiery vixen Silk Moreaux will do anything to get what she wants. Lying, stealing, and even killing don’t weigh on her conscience. But when a prophetess, Big Mama, warns her that she’ll come to a tragic end if she doesn’t change her wicked ways, Silk moves to a small town in Pennsylvania to reinvent herself.

With a sweet, loving, childlike temperament, Silk endears herself to the community—especially the men, who slyly compete for her affection, bearing gifts and offering money for just a little bit of her time. She becomes especially close with grieving widower Raymond Dixon, who expects a hefty insurance payout. When Raymond receives his windfall, Silk rushes him to the altar. But when the money begins to dwindle, she devises a scheme—involving a handsome hustler, Tate Simmons—to ensure that she maintains the comfortable lifestyle she’s become accustomed to. Together, Silk and Tate plot a callous murder that could be their biggest payday ever.

Can Silk’s greed ever be satisfied or will the karmic scale finally tip, resulting in her prophesied destruction?

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Misty: Still Getting Her Sexy On Cover
In the fifth installment of the Double Dippin’ saga, Misty has awakened from a coma to discover she has the gift of prophesy—or so she says. Does she truly want to help others, or has the self-indulgent diva found herself a new hustle?

Misty awakens from a coma and announces that she can communicate with the spirit world. Soon after, she undergoes cutting edge surgery that restores her beauty. With an elite clientele of the super-rich who are willing to pay millions for a session with Misty, she is soon living the opulent lifestyle she’s always coveted.

And with her faithful lover, Brick by her side, Misty has it all. That is until Brick begins yearning for his former side chick, Anya. Misty has successfully broken up Brick’s marriage to her mother, but can she keep him away from Anya, the woman whom he shares a deep and secret bond?

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Munch: The Tale of an Oral Sex Addict Cover
Owen Jenkins aka Munch has a sexual fetish that began when he was a teenager. After the family housekeeper introduces him to the pleasure of cunnilingus, Munch develops a compulsion to give oral sex to total strangers. His insatiable desire to taste the various flavors of numerous women often leads to heartbreak as Munch confuses sex with love. Compounding his problems, his overbearing stepmother strongly disapproves of his oral obsession, and she dispenses unusual punishments to try and break him out of the habit. As the years progress, Munch’s oral sex addiction intensifies and he often goes on pussy-eating binges. Can Munch find true love with one woman or will he always be on the hunt to satisfy his taste buds?

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With This Ring Cover
In the highly anticipated sequel to Put A Ring On It, Harlow, Vangie, and Nivea are confronted with new challenges. Harlow questions if her new husband is a determined entrepreneur or a murderous gangster. Nivea strives to reconcile with her mother and her sister, but the explosive results of her child’s paternity test threaten to destroy her family relationships. Vangie is yearning for her new man to put a ring on it, but he’s dragging his feet. She fears that once again, she’s given her heart to a commitment-phobic man. Desperate for him to get married, Vangie sacrifices her morals and puts a life-long friendship to the test.

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No Boundaries Cover
Just out of law school, Jaguar is deep in debt and takes a bartending job as an easy way to make money before he gets on the fast-track of corporate law. Meanwhile, slinging drinks does have its perks: free booze, big tips, and plenty of women hitting on him constantly. He’s not looking for love, just a little fun to forget his troubles.

But when he meets a mysterious beauty named Fonia, Jaguar is intrigued. Handsome and confident, Jag has never had problems attracting the opposite sex, but Fonia is elusive and presents a challenge.

An old friend offers Jag an opportunity to make extra cash bartending at a private party. But the party is nothing like Jag has ever experienced. Not even the wildest frat party could compare to this extravaganza where no pleasure is forbidden.

But the biggest shocker comes when Jag realizes that Fonia is heavily into bondage and submission. She belongs to a dominant master and Jag hates to watch her surrender to her deviant lover. Fonia has captured Jag’s heart, and over time he tries to convince her to break away from her brutal lover and understand that true love should never hurt.

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One Night Stand Cover
One Night Stand by Allison Hobbs and Daaimah S. Poole

Shana Harris keeps it sexy at home, cooking in stilettos and being a freak in bed. Still, her man, Rome doesn't seem satisfied, and Shana suspects he’s cheating. The evidence against Rome is overwhelming: late nights with the boys, sexually explicit texts and pics, and he frequently comes home smelling like cheap perfume. So, what’s a girl to do? Shana’s best friend suggests she should get even by having a meaningless, sexual encounter. And Shana agrees.

But she’s in for the shock of her life when a one night stand turns into much more than she ever bargained for. Rome or the sexy stranger…which one will claim her heart?

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Midnight Cravings
Greetings Readers: I'm proud to announce a paranormal trilogy that is thrilling enough for both young and older adults alike. The Eternal Dead series is written under my pen name Joelle Sterling with the first book of the series, Midnight Cravings, now available for pre-order!


Allison Hobbs aka Joelle Sterling

Desperate to find a better life in America, A 17-year-old Jonas embarks on a perilous voyage from Haiti to Miami--a voyage manned by a sadistic captain and fraught with superstitious hysteria and voodoo spells. When Jonas wakes up in Frombleton, GA, he realizes that he's been changed. No longer a normal teenager, he's become something unspeakably sinister...something undead.

Discovering her own powers of sorcery that have been laying dormant, Holland Manning joins forces with Jonas and soon finds herself falling for him, despite the dark secret he keeps. Though woefully outnumbered, Holland and Jonas take on the dangerous mission of vanquishing the nest of vampires that are picking off the residents of Frombleton, one by one.

In this clash between witches, vampires, and zombies, Midnight Cravings is a bone-chillingly scary tale of teenage angst and forbidden love. Read a preview!

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Brick Cover
BRICK: In the 4th installment of the Double Dippin' saga, Misty's life hangs in the balance as Brick goes after her attackers, but is it vengeance or justice?

After a brutal attack, Misty is barely clinging to life and no one expects her to recover. Thomasina is inconsolable, and she holds Brick responsible for her daughter's condition. Deeming himself the judge, jury, and the executor, Brick is on a single minded vengeance quest to dispense justice to Misty's assailant.

A killing machine with nothing to lose, Brick's deadly rampage takes him from Philadelphia to Los Angeles, where he uses his good looks, sculpted body, and sensuality to gain behind-the-scenes entry into the lavish lifestyle of the rich and famous. Leaving a trail of bloodshed, carnage, and a brokenhearted woman in his wake, Brick uses any means necessary to uncover the perpetrator's identity.

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Scandalicious Cover
From the bestselling author of Double Dippin’ and Big Juicy Lips—scandal abounds as a husband, his wife—and their lovers—become entangled in a dangerously delicious dance of revenge, lust, and deception.

Solay is the proud owner of Scandalicious, a trendy cupcake boutique that’s raking in the dough. Practically married to her business, Solay does not have time for romance or its complications. What she needs is a friend with benefits. When she hires a gorgeous male escort, she believes that she’s found the perfect solution. Addicted to his incredible bedroom skills, Solay soon discovers that being “whipped” is as distracting as being in love.

Lincoln has been a faithful husband for seven years. His world collapses when he discovers that his trophy wife has been cheating. Though she pleads for forgiveness, he simply can’t. Will his desire for vengeance overpower his ability to forgive?

Melanee is a quiet assistant baker by day and part of a secret sex society at night.

What happens when you combine sweet treats, explosive sex, and dirty little secrets is absolutely Scandalicious!

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Put a Ring on It Cover
Desperate to be married, Vangie, Nivea, and Harlow are all on a quest to get to the altar. Dumped by her economically challenged fiancé’, Nivea begins a destructive course of action as she begins to self medicate with excessive amounts of liquor.

When Vangie’s deadbeat baby daddy resurfaces and begins courting her and spending quality time with their young son, Vangie hopes that they have finally healed their troubled relationship.

After a horrifying childhood, Harlow believes she has finally found true love when she becomes engaged to savvy businessman, Drake Morgan. But Drake may have a secret that will destroy Harlow’s only chance at happiness.

Though holding distinct views and relying on diverse strategies, will any of these women find love, happiness, and commitment or will they discover that happily ever after is an unattainable dream?

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Lipstick Hustla Cover
Misty, the feisty, self-starter from DOUBLE DIPPIN' and BIG JUICY LIPS takes her business to the top and fights for her man.

Blindsided by lust, Misty lost her business, her money, and all her possessions...and her man, Brick. More determined than ever to get her money right, she starts from scratch. Using the services of one reliable employee, she slowly rebuilds her escort service. Cash is starting to trickle in, but it's not coming fast enough for Misty.

With a new crew working around the clock, Misty reclaims top diva status. Her world should be complete, but something is missing...she's lonely for the love and undivided attention of Brick. She foolishly took him for granted, allowing him to slip from her grasp and into the clutches of another woman...her mother.

As far as Misty's concerned, all is fair in love and war. There's no limit to how far she will go to take back the man who's rightfully hers.

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Stealing Candy Cover

In Allison Hobbs' latest thriller,

Saleema Sparks' life has gone full circle. Having gone from prostitute to madam and now operating a social club for troubled teenage girls, Saleema's life is turned upside down when she is compelled to help three young sex-trafficked girls break free from the malicious pimp who has abducted them. But the timing is all wrong. For the first time in her life, Saleema is falling in love. Determined to keep the girls out of the pimp's murderous grasp, she goes on the run with them, wondering if it will ever be safe enough to find her way back to her first chance at love.

It All Started at Pandora's Box

Saleema Sparks AKA Hershey is a quick-tempered seventeen-year-old prostitute. When she opened the door to

Saleema AKA Hershey helps her best friend, Terelle, get her man back from an

beast named Kai Montgomery.


twenty-three-year-old Saleema, AKA Hershey, wants to step up her game. She opens an upscale dating service. But when one of her employee's life is imperiled, Saleema begins to realize that flesh peddling can be a dangerous game.


Saleema is on her way for a walk down the aisle with a wealthy man, but this marriage of convenience is put on hold when Saleema discovers that Kai Montgomery is up to her old tricks and has a diabolical plan that will destroy her best friend Terelle.

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The Sorceress Cover
A graphically sensual tale blending the paranormal with breathtaking suspense.

Jennifer Darnell accepts a nanny position for one of the most powerful political couples in Philadelphia. The little boy she's hired to care for is autistic, but his bizarre and sinister behavior has Jen suspecting that child is evil.

After sighting a naked woman running across a bridge in broad daylight, Jen is convinced she's losing her mind. But when she bumps into a handsome police officer who admits to seeing the woman, too, Jen is somewhat comforted and totally unprepared when sparks fly between her and the hot cop.

Meanwhile, on the beautiful and idyllic Goddess Realm, where endless joy, love, and frequent and unrestrained sex abounds, there is unforeseen trouble in paradise. Tara, the goddess of compassion, unwittingly upsets the balance of nature when she convinces the goddess council that her wicked sister, Eris has been reformed and deserves a second chance.

But evil never dies when the desire for lust and revenge has been left unsatisfied. After languishing in the Dark Realm, Eris, the fallen goddess from The Enchantress is back with a vengeance and returns to Earth, still on the prowl for sex and blood. Using her powers of deception and intoxicating sexual deviancy, Eris, with the assistance of her cohort, Xavier, easily bends the will of both men and woman. Her reign of sexual terror and dominion is unstoppable unless someone or something equally powerful comes forward to challenge them.

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Pure Paradise Cover
A deliciously decadent glimpse inside a day salon that also caters to the sexual fantasies of its affluent clientele. Behind closed doors, the Pure Paradise salon secretly offers a more salacious menu of services for its discerning clients. While the company is raking in the dough, its proprietor Milan cultivates her own personal Rolodex of willing men and women who crave to indulge her most voracious desires. It would seem as if Milan has it all, but she wants more. For Milan, the ultimate catch would be the elusive Hilton Dorsey, an unreasonably handsome, former football player. But her relentless, irrational pursuit of the golden boy has caused Milan to neglect her financial benefactor, jeopardizing her budding empire. Will her obsession with Hilton Dorsey be her ultimate downfall? National bestselling author Allison Hobbs returns with another heart-thumping erotic adventure with Pure Paradise, a thrilling novel that caters to the sensual tastes of a diverse audience that is sure to leave readers begging for more.

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Disciplined Cover
Yoyin is a spoiled, self-indulgent heiress. After a highly-charged, ménage-a-trois with two men leaves her feeling incomplete, Yoyin accepts an invitation to a private island, anticipating a succession of around-the-clock, kinky sex with anonymous partners. The invitation promises that during the three nights of unbridled, sexual pleasure, Yoyin will always be “The Center of Attention." Ultimately, Yoyin discovers that fulfilling carnal desires does not soothe her heart, love is what she's been yearning for. But is it possible to find true love during three wild nights of decadent sex with strangers?

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One Taste Cover
Together since high school, Regina and Matt Wheeler are married years before Matt’s lackluster performance in bed puts Regina in a sexual funk. While they’ve never had great sex, the prospect of no sex at all may drive Regina over the edge. Then one day, she discovers a special “friend” that blows her mind by giving her the ecstasy Matt never could. What Regina doesn’t realize is that Matt’s performance slump has been perpetuated by her constant state of dissatisfaction. He finally decides to step out on his marriage to get what he needs—and he does it with a much younger woman. But the “love drug” she provides proves highly addictive. And for both Regina and Matt, one taste from their other lovers may never be enough…

One Taste Cover

Big Juicy Lips Cover

The Climax Cover

A Bonified Gold Digger Cover

The Enchantress Cover

Double Dippin Cover

Dangerously in Love Cover

Insatiable Cover

Pandora´s Box Cover